Transformation Tuesday Kaelin Tuell’s Story

by Nicole Dolisi on May 28, 2013

PinExt Transformation Tuesday Kaelin Tuells Story

kaelin tuell2 Transformation Tuesday Kaelin Tuells Story

Kaelin Tuell is the FACE of Obesity. Are you? This image ^ got your attention on my Facebook page over the weekend so I wanted to share more of her story for this week’s Transformation Tuesday!

I could bore you with all kinds of stats on why being overweight is SO unhealthy. Right now I’m at that 30% body fat and as soon as I pop this baby out (in another 6 months haha!) I’ll be focusing on reducing body fat and ignoring the weight on the scale!

You may be critical of her for her transformation and say that she looked “fine” before, so why change it?? But think of this for one moment, was she as healthy as she could be in that before picture? More importantly, think of the determination and dedication it takes to transform your body like that!

That’s what inspires me every time I see her name on my Facebook newsfeed! That determination that took her from 30% BF down to 17% and lower, has carried over into every area of her life and she’s now an Ambassador with Vi and earning a 6 figure income before the age of 25!!

kaelin tuell Transformation Tuesday Kaelin Tuells Story

By the end of her last Challenge she has lost 60 pounds total and then put on 10 pounds of LEAN muscle. That’s something that can be really challenging for women! It’s awesome that she had a fantastic protein shake to recover from her workouts that helped burn body fat AND support lean muscle.

We’re all human and it’s tough to stay focused on a goal and stay motivated, right? The Challenge Timeline has been a huge motivation for challengers like Kaelin, and myself. You’re able to post pics, videos, workouts, meals, anything you want to every day on your timeline and share it with others! All for FREE when you’re on The Challenge. The awesome thing is that a variety of Meal Plans are also available to every challenger without the hidden fee of a membership required! Pretty sweet.

You can follow Kaelin’s Challenge Timeline here —>

I have a started a NEW 90 Day Challenge myself and would love to have you join me in documenting my (attempt) at a FIT Pregnancy on my Challenge Timeline —>

I love you guys for sticking with me through this crazy time and if you’re as inspired by Kaelin’s story as I am, I’d love for you to comment below and do this with me!

signature Transformation Tuesday Kaelin Tuells Story

PinExt Transformation Tuesday Kaelin Tuells Story

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